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Peacock by TheInfernalDemon Peacock :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 3 4
Coconut Gets in Trouble
Coconut is a very adorable miniature poodle who loves to get into trouble. He loves to jump on the counter or dig through the trash to get food, even though his masters don't like it. One afternoon, Coconut was sneaking around the kitchen, searching for food scraps. He looked up at the counter and saw the most amazing thing ever. Honey-glazed ham, sliced up on a plate. He stood on his hind paws and tried his best to reach it, but he was too small. "How will I ever get up there?" He began to think of a solution.
First, he tried jumping up on the dining table, by jumping onto a dining chair first. He jumped up onto the chair, but since the chair was pushed in, he couldn't get on the table! "How will I reach the ham?" He whined.
Second, he tried pulling out the kitchen drawers to use them to get onto the counter top. He bit the handle of the bottom-most drawer and pulled with all of his might. It wouldn't budge! But Coconut was not going to give up so easily. He pulled and tugged. He tugg
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 1
Coconut and the Quest to Find the Perfect Toy
Coconut is an adorable miniature poodle who loves to play. He loves his toys, especially the ones that make noise! He has a blue squeaky bone, a round tennis ball, and a twisted tug-of-war rope. When Coconut plays, he rolls on his back with the toy between his paws. He tosses his toy and chases after it. He bites it, chews it, and runs around with it. One day, while Coconut was playing, he suddenly stopped. "What if there is a better toy out there?" He thought, "I like my blue squeaky bone, my round tennis ball, and my twisted tug-of war rope, but what if there is something better?" He decided then that he would find out. He waited the next morning until his master left for work. He slipped past her when she was walking out the door, and Coconut ran down the street. He was going to ask the other pets in the neighborhood if they knew what toys were the best. He found Chester the tabby tom cat first.
"Do you know what toy is the best, Chester?"
"My mouse toy is simply the best around, Co
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 0
Pirates Chapter 1
Eva listened quietly to her father's steady snoring, counting the seconds between the snorts to gauge how asleep he really was. It was her fifteenth birthday, and her father had gifted her by forgetting it completely. She slowly stood up and groped her way to her closet. Two days earlier, she had packed for her escape. She had been planning for this day since she turned seven. Her dreams of being a pirate and living on the high seas had grown more and more exciting and elaborate, and today, she was going to make that dream come true. She slowly crawled down the stairs and felt her way to the closet, past the kitchen. A stench of rotting food crept out of the filthy kitchen and surrounded Eve. She covered her nose and continued until she found the smooth, round doorknob to the closet. She opened it, pulled out a small knapsack, and headed out the door.
As a child, she remembered the ocean. Large, blue waves gaping as if it were yawning sleepily, and swallowing part of the beach. She rem
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 1 10
I woke to blackness, almost as though I hadn't woken up at all, but the pain in my back and arms told me I was wide awake. I soon discovered by trying to move into a more comfortable position that my wrists were bound behind my back. The smell of gasoline alluded my current setting- I was in the trunk of a car. Then it all came back to me. It felt like a river breaking through a dam, rushing and devouring everything in it's path. I had been kidnapped. Of course I had, I mean, a child who couldn't even speak could have figured that out. But that wasn't the problem. I had been a captive for a long time. More than a year, but less than five. I could never remember exactly how long anymore.
The smell of gasoline became stronger and I knew I needed to get out. I worked on the ropes. They practically fell apart; either they sucked at tying ropes or I had suddenly gotten super strength. Once I was free, I made as much noise as I could. The result was promising. The car screeched to a halt and
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 1
Pirates Prologue
Leaves burst into the air as a young girl bolted down the littered forest path. Her shoulder-length blonde hair whipped her face as she glanced behind her. She raced deeper and deeper into the woods as heavy footsteps followed behind her. Still, she ran faster. She needed to escape, get away. Faster. Just keep running. I can't go back. Tree branches snagged at her clothes like grabbing fingers and scratched her face, arms and legs.
She ignored the voice. To her, the voice meant betrayal, pain, and lies. Don't believe him. Don't trust him. It's his fault. His fault…
She just kept running. Soon, the trees moved closer and closer to each other creating a barricade. Their branches held onto each other, making sure the little girl couldn't get past. It was like the whole world was against her. She stumbled, giving the man a chance to grab her. He easily lifted her, the same way he did when she was a toddler. "NO!" She screamed, kicked and struggled. She tr
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 2 1
ZOMBIES!!! :D by TheInfernalDemon ZOMBIES!!! :D :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 3 1
I looked in the mirror, assessing my appearance. I've had a fever averaging 103 degrees for nearly a week, and the only evidence of it was that my skin had gotten paler than it usually was. I shivered as I headed back to my living room and pulled the blanket tighter around my shoulders. I plopped down on the couch.
"Everything okay?"
"Yeah. It hasn't gone down though," I smiled a bit. My boyfriend was such a good sport; he had been taking care of me the entire time I've been sick.
Richard, my boyfriend, came over to me and put his gentle, calloused hand on my forehead. The corners of his lips pulled downwards, "It feels higher than before. Did you use the thermometer?"
"No. But I'll be fine. You need to work today, anyway. I'll just sleep while you're gone."
Richard's eyes narrowed, "I'll see if I can call in sick again. I don't want to leave you home alone, Christina."
I sighed. "Alright. Fine."
Leaning over, he kissed my head and left to make his call.
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 0
I peeked around the corner of the cave. It was still there! An enormous trunk of a leg with three long toes that had gigantic claws to match was blocking the exit of my tiny cave. I hadn't been able to go hunt for weeks, and this monstrosity was in my way. I grasped my stomach as it grumbled angrily at me. A gentle jab in my side took my attention from the blockade. I look at my companion.
"Let's try the back exit," his pale blue eyes were barely visible through his long mop of straight hair.
"Sure," I replied. I pushed my own shaggy hair out of my face and started sneaking to the back exit of the cave. I quickly halted as a mob of Raptors came into view. "We're trapped. Like a fox traps rabbits," funny I should use that analogy; foxes and rabbits became extinct. They were all eaten by dinosaurs. I growl to express my frustration.
"Calm down. Maybe there's a way to distract them."
"No. I've tried that. They've gotten smart. They figured out that it was me that threw that stick."
"You t
:icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 0
The Violinist by TheInfernalDemon The Violinist :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 1 0 Sunset by TheInfernalDemon Sunset :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 0 Seattle by TheInfernalDemon Seattle :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 1 Bald Eagle by TheInfernalDemon Bald Eagle :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 1 0 Seattle from Tillicum Village by TheInfernalDemon Seattle from Tillicum Village :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 1 0 Cooking Fire by TheInfernalDemon Cooking Fire :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 0 0 Waves by TheInfernalDemon Waves :icontheinfernaldemon:TheInfernalDemon 3 0


How To Train Your Dragon 30 Day Drawing Challenge
To honor HTTYD 2 coming out in 24 days, I have made a little challenge for people to complete~
1. Toothless and Hiccup
2. Your favorite viking and their dragon (excluding Hiccup and Toothless)
3. Yourself as a viking
4. Your dragon you would have if you lived on Berk
5. Favorite Stoker-Class dragon
6. Favorite Boulder-Class dragon
7. Favorite Fear-Class dragon
8. Favorite Sharp-Class dragon
9. Favorite Tidal-Class dragon
10. Favorite Mystery-Class dragon
11. Favorite Strike-Class dragon
12. Favorite Tracker-Class dragon
13. Make up a dragon from the Stoker-Class
14. Make up a dragon from the Boulder-Class
15. Make up a dragon from the Fear-Class
16. Make up a dragon from the Sharp-Class
17. Make up a dragon from the Tidal-Class
18. Make up a dragon from the Mystery-Class
19. Make up a dragon from the Strike-Class
20. Make up a dragon from the Tracker-Class
21. Book Toothless
22. A baby dragon
23. Cross two dragons together
24. An albino dragon
25. A d
:icondryicenightfury:Dryicenightfury 11 19
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Journal History

On a whim, I decided to look at deviant art. I'll admit, I hadn't been on here for about a year, and sadly, I've been too lazy to post any new artwork- don't get me wrong, I've got tons of stuff to put on here, it's just a matter of overcoming and ignoring the calls of my couch/bed. I've got quite a few new things to post up here. I've also been working on my novel like a madman.

So I work with kids at a babysitting service at a gym, where I look after kids while their parents work out. It's fun. Only, whenever I draw something, and this happens particularly when I actually like it, one of the kids will randomly color on it. I don't mind, but part of me wants to cry whenever they do that lol.

I've gotten way into baking/cooking medieval foods. I have three different cookbooks, and let me tell you, people knew how to cook in the middle ages. It's absolutely delicious. I might start posting photos of it on here if I ever manage to get off my lazy butt.
  • Listening to: Anything and everything
  • Reading: A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons
  • Watching: Various TV shows
  • Playing: Skyrim, Minecraft, Mount &Blade, Game of Thron
  • Eating: BREAD
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I love painting, drawing, sketching, taking pictures, just about anything to do with art. I also enjoy writing/playing music; I play piano and viola and plan on picking up more instruments. I specialize on sketching and drawing, and taking photos of horses. I always like getting comments, especially constructive criticism.

Current Residence: U.S.A.
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic metal, classical, rock, and heavy metal
Favourite style of art: Sketches, paintings, photography
Favourite cartoon character: Eeyore


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